Competition Leagues

Robótica 2022 is, as already mentioned, formed by competitions of two societies worldwide, the RoboCup Federation and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. The competitions that will take place are described below:

RoboCup Brazil Open Robotics Competition (CBR)

  • RoboCup Small- Size (F180)
  • RoboCup Simulation 2D
  • RoboCup Simulation 3D
  • RoboCup Humanoid and Standard Platform League (SPL)
  • RoboCup @Home
  • RoboCup Junior Dance
  • RoboCup Junior Rescue B
  • RoboCup Junior Rescue CoSpace
  • RoboCup Junior Soccer Light Weight
  • RoboCup Brazil Open Flying Robot Trial League

IEEE Robotics Competition (LARC)

  • IEEE Standard Educational Kits (SEK)
  • IEEE Open
  • IEEE Very Small Size
  • IEEE Humanoid Robot Racing

Olimpíada Brasileira de Robótica (OBR)

Mostra Nacional de Robótica (MNR)